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Introduction to Lumia

September 07, 2019 | Cats

Lumia (FI* Tanssikatti Lumihiutale) is an 8-year-old brown Sacred Birman. (I would like to say at this point that she got her name before Nokia released their phones.) She has no siblings, and I think that is visible in her personality. She has quite the temperament. Her temperament is one of the reasons I love her so much. I'll dive deeper into this at some point.

When she first moved in with us, she was definitely my kitten. But after Osiris moved in, she became my fiancé's cat. For a period of time I think she ranked me below her in our family's order of precedence. Currently, I think she might have changed her mind about that.

She will never give up, I don't think she knows how to. Thankfully Osiris usually surrenders. But when they have their power struggles, Lumia won't give up even if she's losing. And recently we had a situation where things got too far, at least we think so. Humans will intervene sooner if that happens agaimian. People always say that humans shouldn't intervene and I believe that unless things get a bit too real. It's our job to keep them safe.

Lumia has a funny voice, and she uses it if she wants something. I think she likes to confuse us by sometimes just meowing for no particular reason. Sometimes she does this very long and weird meow, which at the beginning caused Osiris to run to check up on her, and us humans, too, because everyone thought there was something wrong, but no, she was just meowing about something. In the beginning, she wouldn't meow at us, she went to another room to voice her concerns about life. But when my fiancé was abroad for a while, I tried to teach her that if she meows at me, I will instantly give her food (Food is one thing she most often meows about). I've been told that this was a horrible mistake because now she meows at my fiancé constantly. But I find it hilarious.

Lumia is a stunning cat, but she doesn't act like a lady. And she definitely doesn't sound like one.

Lumia likes to take part in everything. Even if it's scary, then she just goes a little further away to watch what's happening.

Her breed description says Sacred Birmans get along well with other animals and that they like humans and children etc. This is not the case with Lumia. She has once met a baby and she was absolutely terrified. She likes to hang around people if they don't touch her. There are only a few people she seems to actually like. And she used to hate my mother, now she seems to tolerate my mother a bit better. Lumia often starts to wiggle her tail when she hears her voice and she often turns her back on my mother if she approaches. Lumia is so docile that she would never do anything but I find it funny that she has so clear feelings about someone.

I think Lumia loves Osiris in her own way. She doesn't want to sleep close to him but they often play together and she sometimes washes Osiris' head if they are begging for food. And if Osiris doesn't see the signs when she wants him gone, she bites him in the neck. And Osiris just continues rubbing against her after she lets go.