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Introduction to Osiris

September 08, 2019 | Cats

Osiris (Fi*Neaera's Finian Fahd) is an 8-year-old beige Abyssinian. He was born in FI*Neaera's Abyssinian Cattery with 4 siblings.

He loves everything and everyone, except scary things. He scares easily, especially nowadays. He had to live a long period with renovations happening all around him in the building, and all the noises and weird and sudden visitors left a mark on him, I think.

Osiris is the most loving cat I've ever had. He would probably like to have a cat friend he could love and lay on top of, but unfortunately, our Lumia doesn't want love from him.

Osiris also likes to take part in almost all the activities happening in our apartment. You can only do stuff without help when he is asleep. He also likes to communicate, it's easy to have a "conversation" with him. In one Abyssinian breed description, there was something about Abyssinians being louder when agitated. This is true with Osiris. If he thinks he is not heard, he will be much louder. And he responds well to my voice, if I pretend to be more excited, he gets louder. It's funny.

One of his pet peeves is closed doors, only the front door, and the balcony door may remain closed. If someone closes a door, he will soon open it and complain.

Osiris loves food. He always runs to the kitchen if we go there. Just to see if he could get something to eat.

He has suffered from FORL for many years, and because of it, he has only a few teeth remaining. Which makes him even cuter.