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New and improved cat habits

June 25, 2021 | Cats

We bought new office chairs in the spring. For some reason, the cats love these chairs and will sit or lay in them whenever they can. My fiancé finds this very annoying, probably because it's usually his chair that gets taken. We also have a Backapp balance chair that usually Lumia likes to sleep on. My old gaming chair was never good enough for the cats. They rarely sat on it. But these new chairs seem to be excellent. They don't scratch them or anything, they just love sitting and sleeping on these. So maybe cats want ergonomic products as well? I get why the balance chair is popular because the shape is perfect for the cats but I haven't really figured out why these office chairs are great in their opinion. Maybe it is the net material of the chair, which makes it cooler to be on, and also they can see through the chair so that might be a benefit as well.

Lumia and her meows during the day

I might have written about how Lumia used to meow only by herself when she was little. She would never meow at the humans. But I managed to change this. My fiancé hates this behavior, but I absolutely love it. A clear sign of the change in Lumia's meow pattern is that she also meowed when my friend was working from our apartment. She would have never done such a thing a few years ago. She also started this behavior by meowing at my fiancé. Now I also get meowed at. She might even step into the room, look me in the eye, and meow. I think that is both adorable and a clear sign she wants something from me. I think this is a good habit, even if she might occasionally take part in our remote meetings.

Lumia tells us what she wants in the kitchen

When Lumia wants food, she will sit on the floor in front of her food cup. When she wants treats or milk, she will hop on the kitchen table instead. Lumia also usually will drink milk anytime we give her some but, of course, this wouldn't be Lumia if occasionally she wouldn't just walk away just as I pour the milk. Luckily usually either will end up drinking it a while later, so it won't go to waste. But if we misinterpreted what she wants, she will continue meowing at us. And sometimes we try to encourage them to eat the food that is left in their cups, but sometimes Lumia clarifies that she will not touch that food and she wants new food. And when this happens, you really should just give in. Because if you don't, she will terrorize you until you at some point will give in. So we've learned to save ourselves from this and just give her new food.

Lumia the follower

When Lumia is hungry or demanding attention, she follows my fiancé around. No matter where he walks, Lumia will follow. He occasionally tests this and walks around the apartment for over five minutes and Lumia will not stop following him. Lumia will also occasionally follow me, but I haven't dared to test if she will follow me around for a long period of time. But that is also partly because I've been trying to teach her that if she clearly tells me she wants something, I will give things to her.

Osiris and his lazy treat eating

Sometimes when Osiris is sleeping in their tree, he will just stare at me from the tree. He will not come to the kitchen. My fiancé has taught him he can just stay in the tree and the human will come hand feed him some treats. If Osiris can't get treats, he will be visibly upset. So I just have to go feed him in the tree. This is quite funny behavior since Osiris is usually super active.

Osiris helps to make the bed

Pretty much every morning Osiris is helping us make the bed. I've taught him by tapping the bed that he should move where my hand is. He always first hops on the bed and then moves around the bed while we fold the blankets. Often we don't even need to tell him when to move. And then when we add the bedspread, he knows when he is supposed to step over the bedspread to allow us to put it in place. And he is constantly meowing while helping us. Osiris is a very talkative cat. This is extra funny in the summer because we have the air conditioning on, which is quite loud. This means Osiris feels like he has to yell at us, so he will meow very loudly, just like he does when he is bossing us around.