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Osiris - the first cat who seems to be concerned for my well-being

June 12, 2021 | Cats

Osiris gets visibly agitated if he sees my face towards the floor, for example, when I'm stretching or laying on my stomach. He comes running to me and meows extremely loud. If I don't immediately respond, he will try to find my face and continue meowing and using his paws. He calms down when I tell him I'm ok. I find this behavior both funny and adorable. I think it's wonderful that I have a cat who is concerned for my well-being. Of course, we can't be certain that he actually thinks like that, but I like to think he does. It suits his loving personality so well. Osiris seems to be only concerned about me. He doesn't react as strongly when my fiancé does this. Osiris will always check what is happening if someone is sitting or laying on the floor because he tends to participate in everything. But only for me, he gets clearly agitated.

One reason I most often lay on my stomach is when my fiancé will try to press my back to make it pop (that probably isn't the correct term for this but I have no idea what the correct term might be :D) while I lay on the bed. Sometimes I grunt while we do this. At that moment Osiris will hop down from the bed (because usually at this point he has already run into the room and made sure I'm ok), run to look me in the eye, and meow so loud. He does calm down again when I tell him everything is ok, but it's really cute that he often also touches my nose with his when he checks up on me.

And speaking of stretching, Osiris always joins me. He comes to sit between my legs. I don't want to shoo him because he is so cute. When he sits between my legs, he occasionally wants kisses. He offers his head up towards my face so I can kiss him on the forehead. If I'm in a position where he can walk under me, he always does it. And then he stays there, which of course makes my stretching business a bit more difficult. And if there are two people stretching, he usually starts between my legs and after a while moves closer to the other human to get more pets. He goes back and forth between us a few times and then he usually settles down somewhere in the middle and expects both of us to move closer to pet him.

Asking for attention

Recently Osiris has really taken advantage of how he gets attention when he is looking cute. The tactic he usually uses is laying either on his back or partly on his side and looking at us, this he has learned from Lumia. He does this everywhere. He quickly learned that by looking extra cute, people give him attention. And he has to be the center of everything. Always. And if no one is noticing how cute he is, he will meow, which makes his tactic a little different from Lumia's. And if no one is still noticing him, he meows louder. He has this very demanding meow he does when he is really trying to order us around. My fiancé sometimes confuses Osiris by doing something weird (of course in a good way) and in these moments he sometimes clearly tells my fiancé to stop with this meow. But the demanding meow is the funniest when Osiris is telling us to pet him. Because I can see in my mind how he is saying something like "Pet me please", "Hey, can you pet me" and then "Seriously... PET ME!".

I really can't express how much I love this cat. He melts my heart every day. Well, both the cats do. I can't believe I've shared my life with them for almost ten years already.