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Scratching that sim itch with games by Two Point Studios

February 19, 2023 | Games

When I was younger, I played quite a lot of Theme Park with a friend. We always had so much fun playing. Then I expanded to Theme Hospital. I loved that game as well. After those two I haven't felt the same feeling with other similar games. But then, lots and lots of years later, a game called Two Point Hospital was released. And oh joy! I really enjoyed the game. Now the game also has a sibling called Two Point Campus. I love that game as well. Enough to have bought all the level expansions to both games.

The games are very alike; they are of the same genre and type after all. In both, you have levels where you need to level up by collecting stars. For each star, you will have a different set of goals to achieve. They can be something like spending or earning money, training your staff, or making sure your staff is happy enough. From each star, you will earn rewards and unlock new levels.

The games are also humorous. There are always some funny intercom announcements going on. I think this is one of the reasons I enjoy the games so much. Both the games also provide radio with music, but that I've turned off so I can listen to whatever I like. But I kept the intercom announcements on. I still find them funny even though I've heard them many times.

And funnily enough, both the games also scratch my fantasy itch. Two Point Hospital has werewolves and Two Point Campus has witches. I wasn't expecting either of those, so those were quite funny surprises.

Two Point Hospital

There is an interesting variation of different types of challenges. Not all levels are the same. And with the expansions came new illnesses to cure and new hospitals to build.

You will hire doctors, nurses, assistants, and janitors. All have some traits that can be positive or negative. There are litterers, hangry people, unhygienic people, and so on.

Two Point Campus

There are a lot of different types of courses. Usually, you will have a specific course to start with but when you raise your campus' level, you can upgrade your course or add new ones. And when you add new ones, you can choose whatever you like. But it's great that certain courses have some kind of synergy with each other. Not all courses use gyms, for example.

You will hire teachers, assistants, and janitors. And like in the other game, they similarly have traits.

Which game is better?

If I compare just the game content, I think I prefer Two Point Campus. There are just so many fun things going on. But that's just slightly. I do enjoy both of the games very much.

But on the UI side, I do prefer Two Point Hospital. I've not gotten used to the UI in Two Point Campus, but in the beginning, I was really bummed out by the difference. Now that I've played only Two Point Campus for a while, I don't mind the UI.

If you enjoy these types of simulation games, I can definitely recommend both games. And I really hope they develop more games like these. Or at least some more levels for me to play in the existing games.

Image credits: Two Point Studios, image taken from Two Point Campus Steam page.