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I love the rain

September 11, 2019 | Life

It's been raining almost the whole day today. When it was pouring, I ran to the balcony to watch and listen to the rain. It makes me happy. I can always feel my mood switching when it starts raining. The best kind of rain is autumn rain, the weather is getting colder, and it gets dark in the evenings. Those just make the rain feel even more special.

I remember always loving the rain. When I was little, I would often run outside when it was raining. Back then I didn't have to worry about my hair colour coming off.

I share my love for the rain with my cat Lumia. She seems to love the larger raindrops, she often joins me on our balcony to watch the rain. We also share a fascination for thunderstorms. My fiancé often laughs at us when I just go watch the storm with Lumia and we can spend a long time just watching and listening.

If I don't want to listen to music while I work (or if music would be too intrusive), I often go to a site that allows me to play thunderstorm sounds. Some also give options to switch what surface the rain is hitting. There are services like Rainy Mood, and there are several rain playlists on Spotify and tons of videos on YouTube. And to make sure that cats get enough attention in this post, there's also Purrli. Cat purrs are also soothing. Someone should create a site where we could combine cat purrs with rain and nature sounds.

I love going outside for a walk after a storm has ended. The air is so pure and it just feels amazing to breathe. I don't mind going outside when it's raining either, as long I just have a big enough umbrella. I love listening to the rain hitting the umbrella. I usually listen to music while I walk to work but if it's raining, I'll just listen to the rain. I probably should get a clear umbrella so I could also see the rain better.

I love autumn, period. I love being able to put a coat on and not sweat after five seconds. The colours of the leaves are also very soothing for me. I'm just generally at my happiest during autumns. Summer is too hot for me, spring has me swell up because of pollen, and usually winter switches between +5 and -5 constantly, which causes my skin to break. Autumns are just perfect. Especially on rainy days.

Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash