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Remote working from a feline point-of-view

October 05, 2019 | Life

I posted about the positives and the negatives of remote working for me. This is the version which includes the cat behaviours to the mix.

The cats usually sleep most of the day, so they rarely create distractions. When they do, I can take my eyes off the screen for a moment and maybe take an anti-stress cat petting break. I sometimes notice not taking any break from the screen for hours (the recommendation is to take at least one break an hour to give your eyes a break from the screen staring) so I think it's a positive thing when they interrupt me for a moment. Besides, I don't only have to pet them, I can also use them as rubber ducks while giving them a little attention.

Lumia often sleeps in the same room with me, she can take a nap behind the laptop in her own specific spot or then she might sleep behind me on the couch. When she's behind the laptop, I can constantly get the cat image looking effect because I can see her from the corner of my eye.

Lumia can sometimes decide that she wants food. Now. And it doesn't matter if there is still food on the cups because that food is bad (even if it is her favourite). She will walk specifically on top of the laptop touchpad because she will definitely need to get to the other side of the laptop. She usually hits the touchpad with at least two paws, which is how I know she does this on purpose. She will then sit next to the laptop with her back turned against me so she can move her tail on the laptop keyboard and be annoyed when I touch the tail. Hard to avoid touching when I often have my hands on the keyboard when she does this. Luckily usually this happens when I could use a break anyway so I just feed her and continue working. So this is a little negative behaviour, but it rarely happens at a time where I couldn't anyway take a bathroom break or fill my water bottle.

Osiris also sometimes wakes up if I start talking (which usually means a meeting). He might come running and say hello. But I see this only as a funny thing, if someone takes offence to it, maybe they should think about their priorities in life. Besides, it doesn't happen nearly as often as it should. My fiancé might have a little different story, though. He used to work in the kitchen before we bought a separate remote working desk. So he would take part in the meetings in the kitchen. And the kitchen means food for Osiris. Which means he'll get excited and start meowing. Sometimes quite a lot. So on over more than one occasion, his coworkers got to ask if that was a cat they heard.

We nowadays order most of the cat food online and the store uses home delivery. It's nice to be able to receive the packages while remote working and not having to go to the post office. The package is often heavy, so it's also nice for the delivery person to get rid of it after first walking up to the third floor we live in. The post offers a service where the package can be left behind our door but I prefer to get the package inside because I don't trust people.

Orisis often pukes after eating if he hasn't been fed in 12 hours or so. Unfortunately, I've had to test this on several occasions. Because of this, remote working is a huge plus because then I can work longer hours, if needed, and still be able to feed the cats immediately after they tell me they want food. The cats should not suffer because of any bad project schedules.

Sometimes the cats are both awake and they will run around the house together. The sound of them running always makes me happier so that also improves my mood while I'm working. Being able to spend more time at home really reminds me of what's important.