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People who have inspired me lately

September 11, 2019 | Tech

Kelly Vaughn is a super fun woman whose Twitter is filled with humour and her store at is filled with hilarious products, some of which I will need to order at some point. Some of my personal favourites are the Snack Overflow fanny pack, I laughed out loud at this one for a long time. Also, World's Okayest Developer and Full Snack Developer gave me chuckles. If you like stickers, mugs, mousepads and t-shirts, check her store out!

Emma Bostian has Twitter filled with humour and tech info, so does Ali Spittel.

Jason Lengstorf has an excellent series called Learn with Jason on Twitch. He has people come on and they go through how to do things, for example, with Gatsby. He has written an excellent blog post about being more positive, which resonated with me. And he seems to be a great guy in general so check his blog and Twitch series out!

I found Laurie Barth from one of Jason's Learn with Jason episodes. She is such a fun person and her Twitter is filled with articles she's posted (she has a ton of stuff directed at newbies, which I think is awesome!) and all kinds of other tech-related things.

Sarah Drasner has written a post about how to start contributing to open source project.


On a company level I like to follow Linus Tech Tips. I like their style and they have several amazing hosts with a superb sense of humour.

I work as a Drupal developer so I also follow some of the agencies in Helsinki who create things with Drupal. My current employer Karhu Helsinki tweets about current events and the company's weekly blog, Wunder hosts all kinds of events. And then there are Exove and Mirum who also post interesting things. And to keep up with Drupal security, I also get them on Twitter.

Communities and techs

I joined Dev this spring. I also follow DEV Community on Twitter to make sure I don't miss those great posts people are creating.

I'm currently quite excited about Gatsby and React. I also follow React Finland, and hopefully I will be able to attend the React Finland event next year. Also CSS-tricks often offer nice tricks and articles.

If you have any people in mind who I should start following, please send me links at Twitter! I want to get my Twitter filled with inspirational tech people to help me stay motivated and involved in the newest technologies. Any inspirational or great personalities in general also apply here, not everything has to be about tech.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash